Tomato farming in polyhouse
Polyhouse farming is making waves in the world of modern agriculture, thanks to its affordability. It’s particularly appealing in developing countries like China, India, and parts of the Middle East and Africa. These commercial greenhouses, with their plastic film cover, master the art of creating the perfect environment for plant growth. This is great news...
What Type of Glass is Used for Greenhouses_
In the world of building greenhouses, glass is a top choice. It’s great because it lets lots of light through, lasts a long time, can handle the heat, stays clean, and stops dew from forming. These features make glass the go-to material for many greenhouse experts. This article explores the different types of glass used...
Benefits of Smart Greenhouses
Greenhouses have always been key in boosting crop yields and quality in agriculture. Traditional greenhouses, however, have their limits, like relying too much on climate control and not using resources efficiently. This has slowed their progress. Now, with tech getting better, smart greenhouses have come up. They use high-tech methods for a more effective and...
Irrigation System for Commercial Greenhouse
In global agricultural development, choosing the right irrigation system is crucial for the success of commercial greenhouses. This is especially true in regions with water scarcity and extreme drought conditions, such as the Middle East and Africa. In these areas, efficient irrigation systems optimize water use, reduce waste, and ensure crop quality. So, what irrigation...
Best Greenhouse Temperature Monitoring System
Besides light, temperature is another key factor affecting the growth and development of greenhouse plants. Before the advent of automated temperature monitoring systems, we typically used thermometers to measure whether the greenhouse temperature was suitable for growing cultivated plants. By manually checking the temperature levels in the greenhouse, we would decide whether to intervene artificially...
INSONGREEN Cold Frame Greenhouse
Chinese-style greenhouses are catching the eye with their unique, energy-efficient designs. LOW TECH MAGAZINE reports that these greenhouses use only solar energy. Even in cold weather, they can keep the inside up to 25°C (45°F) warmer than the outside. No energy-guzzling heaters are needed. What’s a Chinese-style passive Solar Greenhouse? How do we build one?...
Climate Controlled Greenhouse Cost
Among the numerous innovations in modern agriculture, climate-controlled greenhouses undoubtedly hold a pivotal position. These greenhouses, by precisely managing various requirements in the plant growth environment such as temperature, humidity, and lighting, make agricultural production more efficient and predictable. Capable of maintaining ideal growth conditions in almost any climate, they enable the year-round cultivation of...
Just like we wear warm coats and scarves in winter, our greenhouses need similar protection against the cold. In high-latitude and high-altitude areas, where winters are typically colder, keeping the greenhouse warm is crucial.  Cold temperatures can harm the growth and flowering of plants, affecting the quality and quantity of crops. This article will cover...
traditional farming vs greenhouse farming
Agriculture has always anchored human advancement. From the age-old practices of traditional farming to the cutting-edge methods of greenhouse farming, our approach to growing food has transformed. Both techniques carry their own weight, molded by the trials and demands of their eras. As manufacturers of commercial greenhouses, we deeply recognize the pivotal role of greenhouse...
The agricultural industry has been undergoing technological transformations consistently. Today’s smart commercial greenhouses integrate contemporary technology with traditional farming practices, ensuring that plants are provided with the optimal growth environment under varying conditions. The automation technologies in use not only significantly reduce labor costs and errors but also guarantee continuous and stable production. With the...
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