Light deprivation greenhouse
A light-deprivation greenhouse uses special shading materials and an automated system to precisely control the duration and intensity of light. It is usually equipped with an advanced automation control system to create the most suitable environment for the growth of various crops. This technology allows you, as a grower, to break the seasonal limitations of...
How to grow rose in commercial greenhouses
Roses are renowned for their stunning blooms and rich fragrance. Beyond their significant ornamental value and symbolic meaning, they also hold substantial commercial potential. According to the 2023 “Cut Flowers – Global Strategic Business Report,” the rose market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.2%, reflecting increasing demand. More...
Nursery Greenhouse for Seedling
Whether you are an experienced gardening master or a newcomer, you may have recognized that starting seedlings in a greenhouse can significantly enhance both the quantity and quality of seedlings. Greenhouses protect young plants from adverse weather and provide a stable, controllable environment that boosts growth efficiency and survival rates. For successful greenhouse seedling cultivation,...
Polytunnel vs Greenhouse
In modern agriculture, choosing the right greenhouse structure is essential for improving crop yield and quality. You might have encountered the terms “Polytunnels” and “Greenhouses” and wondered which is better. In this article, we will compare these two types of greenhouses in terms of construction, cost, pros and cons, and application scenarios. This will help...
Rose Farming in Greenhouse
Roses are often symbols of romance and popular gifts for loved ones and friends. Beyond this, they have extensive applications in various industries like food, perfume, cosmetics, and medicine. According to the Cut Flowers – Global Strategic Business Report, the rose market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.2%,...
How to choose best polycarbonate panels for your greenhouse
Polycarbonate sheets have recently become a popular choice for commercial greenhouses. As mentioned in our previous article, these coverings offer high strength, excellent light transmission, sound insulation, and energy-saving properties. They are crucial for enhancing greenhouse efficiency. In this article, we will continue discussing this type of greenhouse covering. We’ll share what defines high-quality greenhouse...
Glasshouse vs Greenhouse
Many people struggle to tell greenhouses from glasshouses. This article explores their differences across five key areas: concept, covering materials, uses, setups, and scale. We aim to clarify the unique features and applications of each, enhancing your understanding of their distinctions. Part 1. Defining Greenhouses and Glasshouses “Greenhouse” is a term that refers to an...
Cost of Glass Greenhouse
Are you thinking about building a large glass greenhouse for agricultural production? Do you want to know the costs of commercial glass greenhouses? You’re in the right place. Following our previous article, which discussed 12 key factors to consider before constructing a commercial glass greenhouse, this article will delve deeper into the initial investment and...
Commercial Greenhouse Types
If you’re thinking about starting a commercial greenhouse to earn money by growing vegetables, flowers, or other crops, it’s crucial to focus on producing more efficiently and making a good profit. Employing advanced technologies can really boost how much you grow and how good your crops are. Don’t Miss: Greenhouse Farming vs. Traditional Farming However,...
before building a commercial glass greenhous
Commercial glass greenhouses are a special type of greenhouse. They use glass as their main material to let light in. These greenhouses last longer than others and work well in different places and weather conditions. Don’t Miss: What is the Best Greenhouse Covering? These greenhouses are important in modern farming because they save energy and...
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