Widespan Greenhouse

INSONGREEN Widespan Greenhouse

Spacious, efficient, and economical greenhouse.

Widespan greenhouse is a type of greenhouse that features a wider width than traditional greenhouses. They typically have a width of 30 feet or more, which allows for more efficient use of space and better natural lighting, making them ideal for growing a variety of plants, including those that require more space, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers.

INSONGREEN Widespan Greenhouse

Widespan greenhouse structures can be made from various materials such as aluminum and steel, and they can be covered with various types of materials, such as glass or polyethylene. And we can customize the greenhouse according to your specifications, including the span width, length, height, roof shape, and covering.

Widespan Greenhouse Features

  • Wide span for larger growing space
  • High roof for better air circulation and light penetration
  • Covering options for customization based on the grower's needs
  • Multiple ventilation options for improved air circulation


Customizable, professional, and knowledgeable. We produce cost-effective & high-quality commercial greenhouses.

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