Greenhouse Benches

INSONGREEN Greenhouse Benches

Portable, Easy-to-Install, and Long-Lasting

Greenhouse benches are a convenient way for greenhouse workers to irrigate, insect-proof, and harvest crops. Typically consisting of a frame and a top, the frame can be made from aluminum, wood, or plastic while the top can be composed of metal mesh, wooden slats, plastic panels, or other materials.

Greenhouse Benches

INSONGREEN’s greenhouse benches are made primarily from durable, anti-corrosive materials with a metal mesh top. They can be produced as stationary or adjustable benches, depending on the user’s needs. Additionally, other greenhouse control systems, such as irrigation systems, can be added to the benches. The benches are produced in the low labor cost region of southwest China, making them more cost-effective and economical.

Why Choose INSONGREEN Greenhouse Benches

  • Durable structure that is easy to install
  • Length, materials, and other specifications can be customized
  • Portable and height-adjustable


Customizable, professional, and knowledgeable. We produce cost-effective & high-quality commercial greenhouses.

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