Commercial Cold Frame Greenhouse

Commercial Cold Frame Greenhouse

The Ideal Greenhouse Option for Severe Winter Climates

INSONGREEN cold frame greenhouse is designed to withstand harsh winter weather while saving energy. What sets our cold frame greenhouse apart from traditional greenhouses is its large sloping roof with a sturdy steel frame structure and three walls. The roof is covered with a thin film that can be opened or closed depending on the weather.

Cold Frame Greenhouse Structure by INSONGREEN

The poly film is strategically positioned to face the sunniest side, allowing maximum solar radiation to be trapped and stored within the greenhouse. On sunny days, the film can be opened to allow the heat to be stored inside, and on cold nights, the film can be closed to retain heat and protect plants from frost.

Our commercial cold frame’s excellent insulation performance means that it can maintain warmth even in frigid temperatures, without the need for expensive heating systems. This energy-efficient design is achieved by harnessing solar radiation, making it an eco-friendly option for plant growth. Our cold frame greenhouse is suitable for low-temperature regions, where it can keep plants thriving without heating in areas where the temperature does not drop below -25°C (-13°F). In regions where the temperature is lower than -25°C (-13°F), minimal heating is required, making our cold frame greenhouse the best choice for natural heating and insulation.

Commercial Cold Frame Greenhouse Features

  • Excellent insulation performance
  • Energy efficiency
  • Suitable for low-temperature regions


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