Insect Netting

Perfectly suited for regional distributors, major agricultural entities, and expert wholesalers.

Premier Insect Netting Manufacturer in China

Accept OEM & ODM. Free Sample Provided. Minimum order quantity: 10 Tons.

Insect netting acts as an effective physical barrier in greenhouses, gardens, and farms, protecting plants from pest damage. Due to its fine mesh design, high-quality insect netting can even prevent birds and other small animals from harming plants.

In addition to offering comprehensive commercial greenhouse solutions, INSONGREEN, leveraging its local agricultural textile factory in Southwest China, also provides a steady supply of Insect Netting products to large agricultural companies and agricultural wholesalers worldwide.

User Case - Nigeria

Why Choose Our Insect Netting?

  • Material Durability: Made with 100% virgin HDPE and UV stabilizer for superior sun resistance.
  • Mesh Variety: Ranges from 20 to 50 mesh, catering to various insect control needs.
  • Insect Protection: Effectively shields crops from pests like fruit flies and grape moths.
  • Versatility: Guards against pests, birds, bats, and sunburn while improving airflow.
  • Climate Resilience: Provides strong protection against adverse weather like hail and wind.
  • Customizable Design: Offers customization in mesh size and net dimensions to suit specific needs.
  • OEM and ODM Options: Accepts Original Equipment Manufacturer and Original Design Manufacturer requests.
  • Chinese Manufacture: High-quality, high-value production by a local Chinese company.
  • Ideal for Professionals: Designed for regional distributors, large agricultural companies, and professional wholesalers.

MeshStandard MeshHole size(mm)Wire Dia(mm)Weight(g/m2)

🌍 Innovative Insect Netting in Nigeria 🇳🇬
🐛 Faced with massive crop damage from pests, our client smartly adopted Insect Netting.
🛡️ Reducing pesticide use, enhancing food safety.

In Nigeria, Africa, our customer built a 3,000-square-meter planting area using our insect netting. The netting has helped to protect his crops from pests and diseases, resulting in a significant increase in yield. Learn more about our customer’s story >

Insect Netting Structure - pic 2
Insect Netting Structure

Please Note: The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for INSONGREEN Insect Netting Fabric is about 10 tons.  If you are interested in our product, feel free to reach out and request a free sample before final cooperation.

About Our Insect Netting Factory

Greenhouse Insect Netting Applications

In greenhouses, insect netting stops bugs from harming plants. This means less need for chemicals, making food safer and the environment better. It helps control the climate inside, leading to healthier plants and more food.


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