Shade Structure

INSONGREEN Shade Structure

Most cost-effective structure to protect plants from excessive sunlight damage.

The shade structure is an economical solution for protecting plants from excessive sunlight damage and can even be designed to convert into a greenhouse in the future. Our shade structures are fully customizable to meet varying width and height requirements, making them ideal for the nursery production of shade-loving plants and tree seedlings.

Shade Structure by INSONGREEN

In addition to our shade structures, we also offer shade systems that can be installed in other types of greenhouses. These shade systems can be placed inside or outside of the greenhouse to achieve shading, using shade cloth and an automatic or manual shade curtain system to open and close based on weather conditions.

Shade Structure Features

  • Customizable options to meet any operation's needs
  • Automatic or manual shade curtain system
  • Cost-effective and durable steel/aluminum structure.


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