Livestock House

INSONGREEN Livestock House

Cost-effective modern house for your livestock

INSONGREEN’s livestock house is a cost-effective alternative to traditional housing and steel structure pens, offering better performance at a lower cost. Most of our produced livestock houses are designed with a single-arch structure, and the roof is typically covered with three layers: transparent film, insulation layer, and black-and-white or green-and-white film, achieving excellent insulation and heat retention effects.

Livestock House by INSONGREEN

This structure maximizes the use of solar energy and the heat generated by the livestock in the cold winter, improving the temperature inside the house, reducing energy consumption, and lowering maintenance costs. With a large area ventilation system and good insulation performance, it can also block the heat from the sun in hot summers, reducing the temperature inside the house and improving the production performance and economic benefits of livestock farming.

Our livestock house has significant advantages over traditional housing/steel structure pens in terms of ventilation, temperature rise and insulation, cooling and heat dissipation, and other important factors for livestock farming. Additionally, the greenhouse structure we manufacture for livestock farming can be equipped with a range of complementary systems and facilities, such as heating systems, wet curtain fan cooling systems, and side rainproof eaves, enhancing the ventilation, temperature, and humidity control functions of the greenhouse.

Livestock farming specifications vary widely, with spans ranging from 6-15 meters being common. Our Livestock Houses can be customized to meet site conditions and specific requirements.

Livestock House Features

  • Good ventilation performance
  • Lower cost compared to traditional livestock pens
  • Customizable size, style, and covering


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