Greenhouse Farming: PDFs, Schedules, and Books You Need [2024 Updated]

Greenhouse Farming PDF resources

Welcome to the essential guide for greenhouse farming success in 2024. Our meticulously curated collection of PDF resources offers comprehensive knowledge essential for initiating and enhancing your greenhouse operation across various regions, including the USA, Australia, and the Middle East.

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From basic setup guides and detailed schedules to advanced planting and growing strategies, explore a treasure trove of information in our selection of PDFs. These resources aim to deepen your grasp of greenhouse cultivation, delivering practical insights accessible to gardeners of any experience level.

A Collection of 20 Essential Greenhouse Farming PDF Resources

We’ve compiled a list of 20 free PDF resources for greenhouse cultivation, allowing you to select based on your specific region and interests. If you know better resources, please share them with our readers in the comments. We’ll consider adding them to this list. Moreover, if you are considering building your commercial greenhouses, you can contact us for the factory price.

1. Greenhouse Vegetable Production for New Mexico, USA – 2019

By New Mexico State University

This PDF explores several key areas of greenhouse operation in the Southwest US, including choosing locations, buildings, plastic coverings, temperature control, soil and hydroponic cultivation methods, crop planting, CO2 enrichment, and integrated pest management. It covers crop production information and resources from tomatoes to cucumbers and other greenhouse plants. ”

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2. Massachusetts Greenhouse Industry Best Management Practices Guide for Massachusetts, USA – 2010

By University of Massachusetts Extension

This guide offers comprehensive management strategies for greenhouse types, site planning, water resource management, nutrition, pest control, and energy use. It aims to help Massachusetts greenhouse producers enhance efficiency and environmental sustainability.

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3. Alternative Greenhouse Crops for Florida, USA – 2018

By Hochmuth and D. Cantliffe, University of Florida

This PDF focuses on the dynamic greenhouse vegetable industry in Florida, spotlighting the past 25 years. It discusses high-value alternative crops like colored bell peppers, herbs (mainly basil), lettuce, and strawberries, catering to Florida’s demand for fresh, quality produce.

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4. The Greenhouse Business in Kentucky, USA – 2002

By Robert G. Anderson, University of Kentucky

This overview emphasizes successful small business models for greenhouse flower and vegetable production in Kentucky, providing insights into effective practices and strategies for local growers.

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5. Greenhouse Vegetable Production – General Information and Bibliography for California, USA

By the University of California

Offering crucial information for anyone interested in commercial greenhouse vegetable production in California, this publication covers the local climate for building greenhouses, outcomes, and crops grown, along with a wealth of references.

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6. Digital Gardener’s Southern California Vegetable Planting Schedule

By Santa Monica College, California, USA

This table provides recommended times for sowing vegetable seeds in the typical Southern California climate (Zones 23-24), with advice on adjusting for the age of transplants (about 1-2 months).

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7. COMMODITY GREENHOUSE for British Columbia, Canada – 2014

By British Columbia, CA Ministry of Agriculture

This document outlines legislation from federal, provincial, and local governments that sets standards for water quality, waste management, and equipment safety in British Columbia. It also provides resources on useful publications for greenhouse production.

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8. Good Agricultural Practices for Greenhouse Vegetable Crops in Mediterranean Climate Areas – 2013

By The Food and Agriculture Organization

Diving into greenhouse crop growing in the Mediterranean, this guide covers everything from greenhouse design and climate control to pest management and water use efficiency, aiming to enhance the competitiveness and sustainability of the region’s greenhouse vegetable industry.

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9. Good Agricultural Practices for Greenhouse Vegetable Production in Southeast East European – 2017

By The Food and Agriculture Organization

Addressing the sustainable management of water resources for small farms in Southeast European countries, this publication discusses challenges and opportunities in water quality assessment, irrigation cost control, and water efficiency enhancement.

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10. Greenhouse For Beginners in Kenya (Africa) – 2016

By Timothy Angwenyi

Offering a comprehensive guide for beginners, this resource covers the detailed steps from choosing a location and building a greenhouse to managing and marketing greenhouse products tailored to Kenyan conditions.

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11. Improving Greenhouse Systems and Production Practices in Australia – 2000

By Dr. Sophie Parks

This study reviews Australia’s greenhouse systems, focusing on creating ideal conditions for growing top-quality vegetables and on advancements in climate control, heating efficiency, and automation.

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By New South Wales Department of Planning, Industry and Environment

Providing basic guidance on cultivating greenhouse cucumbers, this manual covers all essential aspects from setup to care, tailored to Australian conditions.

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13. Watersaving Greenhouse Technology for the Gulf Region – 2009

By Jouke Campen

This article explores water-saving greenhouse technologies ideal for the Gulf region, addressing the challenges of freshwater scarcity and the high costs of desalination in arid coastal areas.

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14. Potential of the Seawater Greenhouse in Middle Eastern Climates – 2004

Philip Davies, Kim Turner, and Charlie Paton

Introducing the innovative seawater greenhouse system, this article proposes a sustainable agricultural solution to tackle freshwater scarcity in the Middle East.

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15. Dates for Planting Vegetables & Fruits in the United Arab Emirates


The PDF includes dates for planting vegetables and fruits in the UAE, covering when to plant in nurseries, fields, and harvest.

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16. Organic Greenhouse Vegetable Production – 2000

By Lane Greer and Steve Diver

This publication focuses on organic methods of greenhouse vegetable production, supplemented with a listing of greenhouse resources.

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17. Propagating Crops from Seed and Greenhouse Management

By UC Santa Cruz

Covering seed propagation to comprehensive greenhouse management, this guide includes details on environment control, soil and hydroponic techniques, and effective operational methods.

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18. The New Economics of Greenhouse Production – 2014

By Paul Fisher, Alan Hodges, Bill Swanekamp (Kube-Pak Corp.), and Charles Hall

Delving into the economic aspects of greenhouse production, this article offers insights into income analysis, indirect cost calculation, seasonal changes in production costs, and productivity optimization.

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19. Energy-Related Agricultural Best Practices – Guidebook for Greenhouses – 2022

By New York State Energy Research and Development Authority

This guide outlines the best energy-saving practices in greenhouse farming, providing essential tips and guidance for efficient energy use in the agricultural sector.

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20. Greenhouse Manual

By United States Botanic Garden

This manual is a comprehensive resource that includes lesson plans and essential information on the layout and operations of a greenhouse, highlighting plant growth, seedling nutrition, pest management, and more, tailored for educational purposes.

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